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About Web Magic Digital Marketing

Web Magic Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency for small businesses. 
Web Magic owner Carolyn Sampson owned a startup manufacturing business from 2012-2016. In that role, she experienced the many pressures facing small business owners. Often, you have two choices – try to manage the company website, blog, and social media yourself or let it go. Increasingly, either of those choices will lead to the slow death of your business.


Carolyn designed her first website in a corporate role and has built on those skills for nearly 15 years. New, automated solutions have drastically cut the time to design a website. But design is just the beginning.
Online competition continues to increase. Best practices are constantly changing and much of the work is still labor intense. Many designers offering quick, cheap “solutions” do nothing to increase your web traffic.
Carolyn is committed to bringing the most value for your marketing dollar. Web Magic Digital Marketing customizes services to fit any business. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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