Is your website delivering enough customers and leads?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more important than ever for staying ahead of your competition. At the same time, SEO methods are constantly evolving. Web Magic Digital Marketing keeps up with all the latest requirements so you don’t have to.

Once we build you a solid SEO foundation, your site will begin seeing more traffic almost immediately. With a little ongoing effort, we can help you ensure your new website never loses its edge.

Essential SEO components

Intuitive menus

An easy-to-navigate menu structure helps increase your search engine ranking while also providing a positive user expfor your visitors.

Keywords and keyword phrases

Words and phrases used by potential customers to find the products and services your company offers help increase your search engine results page (SERP) ranking.


Short descriptions of each page entice potential customers to click on your website instead of your competitor’s site.

Page content

Easy to read content (at least 300 words per page) helps establish your company’s expertise and professionalism and encourages potential customers to contact you.


High-quality photos with appropriate names and captions improve your ranking in search engines and also improve the visitor’s experience.


Short videos with appropriate names and descriptions are even better than photos for improving your search engine ranking. They can also communicate important information to customers and potential customers.

Blog post content

One or more blog posts (at least 600-900 words) added to your site each month help maintain your ranking by establishing your company as an industry expert. Potential customers know your business is engaged and ready to serve.


Proactively soliciting and responding to customer reviews on every platform relative to your business is an important part of converting a website visitor into a lead or customer.


Even if you can’t devote a lot of time to social media, setting up accounts on the platforms relative to your business will help increase website traffic and customer leads.

You’ve waited long enough to optimize your website. Stop procrastinating and let us help add to your bottom line.