Website Design for Small Business

Would you pay a salesperson who wasn’t bringing in business?

Your website is your most important marketing and sales tool. An outdated or poorly designed site is not bringing in nearly as much business as it could.

Every small business needs a well-designed website to anchor their online presence. Web Magic Digital Marketing designs custom websites optimized to attract high-quality customer leads.

From starter websites for professional service businesses to website redesigns for local small businesses, we have the tools, skills, and experience to dramatically increase your website traffic. And more website traffic means more sales opportunities for you.

Start with a detailed analysis of your existing site with specific recommendations for improvement. The plan is yours to keep whether you hire us to complete the work or do it yourself.

WEBSITE Hosting & Maintenance

Not so long ago, you could publish a simple website for your business and leave it there, nearly untouched, for two to five years. As with all new ways to reach potential customers, the web has evolved into a highly competitive advertising platform.

Today a static website means little traffic, few leads and big security risks. 

Small Business Website Security

A WordPress website that’s not being monitored and updated is a security nightmare waiting to happen. We’ve seen it all.

  • Websites highjacked for ransom
  • Domain names rerouted to adult-content sites
  • Web designers who charge thousands of dollars and then fail to properly secure your site
  • Web content writers who steal photos and plagiarize text from other sites

All of these unethical actions put you at risk of website and email interruption, lost traffic, damage to your brand and even lawsuits. While your business insurance might cover these types of events, it’s not that hard to prevent them in the first place. And much less expensive.

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Small Business Website Hosting & Maintenance Packages