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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Web Designer

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Digital Marketing

Every business needs a website. 

  1. Your gross revenue is flat or falling.
  2. You have no idea how much traffic your website is getting or where it’s coming from.
  3. You know your website traffic numbers and they’re not good.
  4. Your business is not in the top three Google search results for your products or services.
  5. You don’t know what’s on your website and can’t remember the last time you looked at it.
  6. Your social media profiles aren’t integrated with your website.
  7. Your website pages haven’t been updated in months or years.
  8. Your last blog post was in 2013.
  9. You’re spending a whole lot of money on advertising with little result.
  10. You are a new business owner.

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